Splitting is year between Lisbon and Hong Kong, Alfredo is a true pirate. Poor but always happy with his life, he falls in love everyday. The surfboards that he does reflects all this. Born and raised in Lisbon in a troubled neighbourhood, he always managed to escape through art and love. While growing up, he spent all the summers with his grandparents, in a camper van at the beach. Surfing just came naturally to him like being in the ocean enjoying the waves. When he decided to make his first surfboard (after he had stolen a few) he did it for everyone around him to be able to experience what he loves the most.
Nowadays Alfredo, design Epoxy surfboards, perfect for travelers like him, and people that wanna have fun surfing. Living abroad half of his year in Hong Kong, is a local everywhere he goes. His energy and love are present in everything he does. In the end he really just wants to put a smile in the face of everyone that buys one of his surfboards.