Born in Lisbon and raised in Damaia city, he spent most of his days playing video games and footbal outside, while dreaming of finding a girlfriend that lived close to the beach. When the dream came true and he found a beautiful girl that lived 5 minutes away from the beach, life was never the same again. And thats already 18 years ago. In the meantime Mr.Benga had developed a love for the ocean and for surfing, and been using his technological knowledge and hand skills to make surfboards. He has been extremely important for the Crooks since the beginning, helping to make some of the most famous surfboards produced in Lisbon. All the models were created by him, and tested by everyone.

The guy that you need to talk and change ideas about what surfboard you should have and do. Knowledgeable about all the steps of making a board, he will make the surfboard that you always wish to have. Order a Mr.Benga custom surfboard, or just keep on buying Al MerrickĀ“s Made in China.