​This is not really our house, but it´s the place where we hang out, store our boards and go for a nice hot shower.​ Located in Costa da Caparica, just in front of our favourite beach where we grew up, this is one of the best waves in the world (even when it´s flat)

The house belonged to the family of our good friend Manel, and because he had so many surfers as friends, he decided to ask is family to renovate the house and transform it in a surf house/hostel. The staff are all surfers, Ian, Caio but the best surfer of them all is Birra, the guy with the beard (and beer belly).

The atmosphere of the house is nice, with good beds, facilities and a dream hot shower, that makes wonders after a surf session. The patio in the back and outdoor area to chill and enjoy, is definitely our favourite place in the house.
If you are coming to Lisbon, and want a place to stay just in front of the beach, this is the place to be, and if you do that, you can even surf with some of our surfboards that are always around. Even that you are only 35 minutes away (bus ride) from city center, you can always spend 2 nights in Lisbon and the other nights in the surf house surfing everyday ;)

Let us know when you are coming and we can tell them to keep a bed or two reserved for you.