One of the things you need to know is, that surfing is part of the Portuguese life since the 70´s, especially in the middle of the rich families of Cascais. Even today our best surfers (taking one or two exceptions) are all rich kids from privilege families. Witch also means that the surf industry in Portugal is controlled by the same people. It was only in the 90´s that surfing started to get more accessible to everyone else (we stolen our first board in 92) and beaches started to see surfers in the waves from north to south.

In the last 5 years surfing as been growing in popularity not only as a sport but also as the lifestyle it represents. Bringing the ASP 2009 World Tour to Peniche and the biggest wave in the world catch in 2011 by McNamara in Nazaré, putted Portugal in the mainstream media as a destination of waves and surfers. And now BAAMMM, everyone wants to be a surfer, and the surf industry is making millions selling you the lifestyle in packages, products and stuff that is really unnecessary, if you just love the ocean and want to enjoy the waves.

But well, welcome to Portugal. The rest everything is good, beaches are beautiful, waves are good, weahter is good, food is amazing and the locals are friendly (obviously there is always one jackass in the water that thinks he owns the line up).

Send an email or meet us in Lisbon if you want to know more about surfing in Portugal. Enjoy it and take care.